CES 2011: Guide 10 Adventure Solar Kit

Energy when you need it, where you need it – as long as there’s sunshine. That’s the promise from Goal Zero, which is introducing its new, more affordable portable solar power system, the Guide 10 Adventure Kit, at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The kit begins with the power pack, consisting of four rechargeable AA batteries, a USB output port and an LED flashlight. Hook it into the Goal Zero Nomad 7M 7-watt mono-crystalline solar panels and the company says that in four hours of full sun your batteries will be fully charged.

Portable solar charging, Goal Zero, Guide 10 Adventure Kit

image via Goal Zero

Company CEO Joe Atkin said in a statement that the Guide 10 kit is all about solar charging the cool new gizmos we carry with us unencumbered by the lack of a wall socket. ““The Guide 10 Adventure Kit addresses this need through the combination of a compact rechargeable power pack and a foldable solar panel kit, allowing consumers to power their devices anywhere and at anytime,” he said.

The Guide 10 power pack can also be charged from a laptop via the USB connection. By the company’s estimation, fully charging it will deliver 30 hours of power for a cell phone, 7-10 hours for a smart phone or 40 hours for an iPod.

This isn’t the first such system offered by Goal Zero kit, but at $139.95 it’s a good deal less expensive – and powerful, of course – than the company’s other similar offerings, like the $399.95 Escape 150 Explorer Kit.

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