Another iPhone Solar Charger Case Drops

First thing first: It has nothing to do with GM’s new electric vehicle. No, the Volt Solar Charger is a nifty-looking way to keep your iPhone running – and under a new licensing deal GoSolarUSA said it plans to bring the Chinese-developed product to the United States.

We’ve reported on a lot of solar chargers, and many of them mention the ubiquitous Apple line of smartphones in their marketing as one of many they will charge. But the Volt Solar Charger joins a smaller category made specifically for iPhones. Remember the P-Flip Foldable Solar Power? Like that charger, the Volt and its integrated solar panel attaches right to the phone, not through a cord. But if the Volt is a cousin of the P-Flip, it appears to be a twin of the Novothink Solar Surge we told you about last March. Same hard case, same integrated solar panel on the back to gather in light.

iPhone solar charger, Volt Solar Charger, Go Solar

image via Go Solar

As GoSolarUSA tells it, “By capturing free, renewable solar power, the Volt recharges the iPhone’s battery first before charging its own internal battery, nearly doubling the smartphone’s talk time.” But if you’re looking for power output specs, how long it takes to charge the device and how much iPhone use you gain from a charge, GoSolarUSA isn’t yet revealing any of that. What it does say is that the Volt offers “a larger battery than many competitors” and that it is the only such case to come with a “reception corrector” – presumably a reference to the reception issues in some iPhones.

No word yet on when the device will be availabile or what price it will sell at.

Pete Danko is a writer and editor based in Portland, Oregon. His work has appeared in Breaking Energy, National Geographic's Energy Blog, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle and elsewhere.

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