Qnuru Launches Fancy LED Bulb Line

You may not be able to pronounce the name of the company, but as of now, you can select from their extensive line of LED light bulbs to phase out those old energy-hogging incandescents, and even mercury-harboring compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Qnuru recently announced the launch of their Prism product family, featuring 44 LED bulbs for residential, office and commercial buildings.

Like many LED bulbs, Qnuru’s Prism LED bulbs suck up just one-fifth the energy of incandescent lamps, generate up to 1080 lumens and will light up your life for around 50,000 hours (compare to 2,500 hours for incandescent bulbs and 15,000 hours for CFLs). The Prism line was “stylishly designed to resemble traditional light bulbs” as well as to fit standard sockets–so if you’ve got a traditional bulb at home now, chances are good there’s a Prism bulb to replace it.

Qnuru Prism LED Bulbs

image via Qnuru

Each of these bulbs are named after a precious stone–the Opal Dimmable A19, for example, and the Peridot Dimmable R20–and features the tag line “lighting becomes luxurious.” Our guess is that this is a bid to warm us up to the idea of paying the $40+ per bulb typical of LEDs at this time, but no word yet on price.

All Prism bulbs come with Qnuru’s 3-year replacement guarantee and, at the end of their very long lives, can be recycled with other metals and glass.

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