Hydroleaf Concept Purifies Solar Water

Why give your local water treatment plant a work-out every time you use a city drinking fountain? A new concept design from Mostafa Bonaka of Tehran, Iran, uses the power of the sun to purify rainwater on site, while providing urban shelter and street lighting to boot.

The Hydroleaf design works by collecting rainwater via it’s broad, leaf-life like surface and channeling it towards its “stem,” in an excellent example of bio-mimicry. Water is collected in a 60-liter storage tank, where it is then purified via electricity collected by the solar panels on the same surface that collects the rain. Simple, elegant and efficient–just like a real plant.


image via Mostafa Bonakdar

Additionally, a vertical glass on the side of the storage tank displays the amount of water inside–which might happen to be of interest as you wait out a light shower under its shelter. At night, the Hydroleaf can also use its solar energy to power a small street light.


image via Mostafa Bonakdar

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