Concept Charger Powers Via Your Bike

Remember attaching playing cards to your bicycle wheels as a kid, just to listen to them flap past the spokes? Here’s the grown up version: a kinetic energy charger that fits on your bike in largely the same way, harvesting juice from your ride to power your portables.

The i-Green concept by designer Fandi Meng (which comes to us via Yanko Design) fits easily on your bike, and features a little blue turbine-like deal that folds out when you’re ready to ride. This attachment catches each spoke of your wheel as it goes by, turning like a water-wheel as you power up hills and speed down them. Once you reach your destination, simply snap off the i-Green, plug in a wire, and power up your cell phone, iPod or GPS system.


image via Yanko Design

This seems like a great, simple, commonsense solution to harvesting energy on the go. After all, if we’re already expending the energy necessary to power a bike, why not power our portables, as well?

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  • Reply December 22, 2010


    I’m not sure how they decided on using the spokes, but it sounds pretty ill informed. If you look at bicycle generators (intended for powering lights) I’d bet 99% of them use the tire sidewall, not the spokes. Cool concept, but bad execution.

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