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“The world’s most sophisticated hybrid bicycles?” That’s the mission of M55, and it’s a mission the company takes seriously. The case in point being The Beast, a pedal-electric hybrid bike with a range of 75 miles and a top speed of 40 miles per hour.

As Yanko Design reports, this bike makes use of materials used in Formula One cars, such as titanium, carbon fiber, Brembo brakes and a brushless motor mechanism. Its frame is monocoque 7075 CNC Aluminum and carbon fiber plates, with the bike being powered by Tenergy polimer li-ion cells (20mAh) and an EB-PC motor with 5.2 Nm torque. Electric assist senses when your pedaling flags and kicks in to smooth out the ascents.

M55 The Beast hybrid bike

image via M55

This is essentially an off-road bike, but is ideal for beach cruising and urban travel as well. As far as the power and the look, we’re with M55 on this one: “If Batman were a non-fictional person, he’d have a Beast in his garage for sure.” Of course, Batman was also a billionaire, and there’s no word yet on pricing.

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  • Reply November 22, 2010


    This looks like a cool ebike. The top speed is questionable in the USA, where an electric bike is defined as 20mph top speed and 750 Watt motor. The Beast exceeds both. From a common sense point of view, if you need to go 40mph, get an electric scooter. There are plenty ( out there.

  • Reply March 14, 2011


    Wow, what a cool design!

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