H20 Purifying Container Is Solar Powered

Water purification in remote settings or areas of natural disaster is a necessity for survival. Being able to power the purification solution via clean energy is a nice bonus to this, which is why the new Trunz Water Systems container solution for drinking water via solar power seems like it might be a useful to have during these scenarios.

The Trunz Water Systems container is seen by the Swiss company as being ideal for disaster relief, remote communities and dry areas. It is designed to be mobile and self contained, getting its power from solar panels mounted on and near it. The interior of the unit contains what is described as “a highly energy efficient Reverse Osmosis (RO) system for brackish or seawater or Ultrafiltration membranes for freshwater remove contamination such as virus and bacteria as well as salt or dissolved solids (RO system) without requiring chemical treatment.”

Trunz Container

image via Trunz Water Systems

The system is protected from dirt or dust by the container and is capable of producing clean drinking water in quantities of 3 – 5 m3/h. The container itself can be locked for security purposes and optionally be cooled on the interior by air conditioning. It was field tested in 2009 under harsh conditions in the Al-Alin desert near Abu Dhabi.

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