VeloMini Electric Bike Cute Factor High

The Mini Cooper may be cute, but the VeloMini is cuter (not to mention greener). Billed as “big enough to ride, small enough to carry,” the VeloMini is a lightweight e-bike designed for easy pick up and transport when you need to take your bike on the bus, the train, or simply in hand as you walk down a busy sidewalk.

The VeloMini may be petite, but don’t underestimated it. While this bike may fold up to just 18 inches tall (and it fit into its own little carrying case) the VeloMini is packing a lithium-Ion battery in that durable anodized aluminum frame powered by a 180 watt brushless motor capable of transporting you 8 to 10 miles at 12 miles per hour. (Of course, if you actually feel like getting a little exercise, you can take this small but mighty electric bike a lot further than that.)


image via VeloMini

The makers of the VeloMini highlight it as an excellent choice for those who need a “first mile, last mile” option for getting to and from public transportation, as well as a great take-along companion for those traveling by RV or boat. It offers riders three choices: pedal like a bike; use the throttle like a moped; or turn on the pedal assist mode to make pedaling easy.

If you’d rather focus on a folding bike that helps you burn calories, you can save some cash with the VeloMini Lite, a non-electric version that retails for $499. The VeloMini comes with a case, strap, tool kit and charger for $995.

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