Solar Carports Power Buildings

Have a commercial building? Want to go solar, but constrained by code and zoning limitations? EEPro–daughter company of Germany’s EEPro GmbH–would like you to know that their new photovoltaic carport is now available in the US.

According to a recent release, these solar carports can be used to power housing complexes, office buildings, strip malls, chain stores, amusement parks, recreation areas, and more, while saving building owners electricity and lessening their carbon footprint. Aside from that whole solar thing, they also do what carports were designed to do: shade vehicles from the rays of the sun and provide protection from rain and snow.

Solar Carport

image via EEPro

Oh and there are all those green marketing benefits, too! Like “enabl[ing] ‘green’ branding, marketing and communications to clients/customers, employees, community leaders, government, etc.,” and “generat[ing] a sense of pride on behalf of carport users.” (Don’t you just love to feel pride in a company’s carport?)

“Solar carports are ideal for large commercial centers, as well as any business or residential community with outdoor parking,” says Martin Koebler, CEO of EEPro, in a statement. “Our solar PV carports tap the sun’s energy and works the same way as photovoltaic rooftops on houses or buildings. The electricity produced from the carport’s solar roof powers buildings or homes, and it’s a technique that’s being used in Germany, as well as with some American businesses and even an airport in Texas.” Coming soon to a greener mall near you.

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Susan DeFreitas has covered all manner of green technology for EarthTechling since 2009. She is a graduate of Prescott College for the Liberal Arts and the Environment, and has a background in marketing green businesses. Her work on green living has been featured in Yes! Magazine, the Utne Reader and Natural Home.


  • Reply June 4, 2011

    carports for sale

    The latest version of the carports is exciting, but misses what a wooden carport can offer. Easy installation and money saving.

  • Reply November 15, 2011

    Paul Felix Schott

    Solar Energy Powering more of the World every day.nnThe Future World Wide for Electric Vehicles (EVs) looks brighter all across many countries more Citiesnnare turning to (Clean Cities) and installing more Charging Stations for (EV) some are evennnpowered by the Sun, Solar Energy power for Electric Charging Stations. The day will come soon whennnHybrid Cars and (EV)u2019s will out number the gas cars and gas vehicles in cities. People around the World havennlonged for this day to come when the demand for Oil will go down. All look forward to Energizing their Carsnnfrom the top of their own roofs through Solar Panels (PV)u2019s that get Free Energy from are Lord the SUN.nnnFor More on Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles and SOLAR ENERGYnngo tonn(The Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition)nnnnThe Lordu2019s Little HelpernPaul Felix SchottnNovember 15, 2011

  • Reply July 12, 2017


    how can them cover the cost for build this carport? I m wondering.

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