Off-Grid Solar Charger Fuels USB Devices

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies, best known for their hydrogen fuel cell devices, also sells other renewable energy charging devices apparently. It just announced its Sunbox USB solar power supply device, pricing around $80, is now shipping.

The Sunbox from Horizon is designed for off-grid situations such as camping, night-fishing, sailing and natural disaster relief. It is a self-regulated system consisting of a waterproof 1.8 W solar panel which harvests solar energy during the day, transferring this energy into the power system’s internal battery. This battery, which takes six to eight hours of direct sunlight to be fully charged, is housed in a case which sports two USB ports. These two ports a variety of USB compatible devices, including mobile phones, via included adaptor tips.

Sunbox USB

image via Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies

Also included with the Sunbox kit is a 1.2 W LED lightbulb with a five meter cable and a battery charger with two rechargeable AA batteries. The Sunbox gear can be carried to fixed to a wall and includes over-charge protection control. Those running what are described as micro-enterprises can even get hold of a larger 10 pack of the Sunboxes, creating a system that can recharge all of the battery units at one time using a larger solar panel.

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