New Solar Streetlight Runs Three Nights

We’ve been hearing a lot more about solar powered streetlights recently, and frankly, we think it’s about time. For too long, these urban dwellers have just been hanging around outside, sucking energy off the grid. A new design from Enertia Engineering puts them to work with the EnerSolar, “the first commercially available fully-integrated solar powered street light.”

What sets this design apart ? It’s completely self-contained. That’s right–no muss, no fuss, no external wiring, mounting or installation required. To activate the EnerSolar, just connect  the battery to the solar cell, and attach it to any pole.  It makes use of super bright LED lighting, smart controls, and solar cells to create a highly efficient, compact, solar-powered street light capable of providing three full nights of continuous illumination on a charge, even if the sun doesn’t recharge the battery during the day.

EnerSolar Streetlight

image via Enertia

Do the makers of the EnerSolar see their solar streetlight as a way to help North American cities kick the carbon habit? Well–no. They see it as “perfect for third-world countries where electricity is either unreliable or unavailable.”

“The irony is, that as a Canadian company, this technology isn’t meant for Canada,” said Murray Steen, the R&D Manager and a Principal of Enertia Engineering Ltd., in a statement. “Because it contains a battery and solar panel, this technology is best suited for equatorial, tropical and sub-tropical applications where the temperature doesn’t drop below  -10C very often.” Sure, we understand the issue with the battery, but -10 Celsius is 14 degrees Fahrenheit–and while the bulk of Canada may not enjoy such balmy weather, much of the US does. Perhaps, if we ask nicely, they’ll consider selling it to us, too?

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    Nic Kawaguchi

    Excellent post. We are looking forward to promoting the category of solar street and area lighting as it is a benefit to all and a positive use of renewable energy. This catagory also reduces dependence on fossil fuel in an efficient way. Thanks again for promoting the category.


    Nic Kawaguchi

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