New Solar Lantern a Boon to Backpackers

Why lug a lamp when you’re backpacking and space is at a premium? This very cool little solar lamp (thanks, David Report!) folds up small for transport and twists out big to illuminate your campsite in a number of different ways, providing versatile light for cooking, reading or just hanging out after dark.

Designed by Swedish designer Jesper Jonsson, this foldable solar lantern lays flat to charge through the day, hanging via a strap suitable for attachment to backpack by carabiner (or any other hook-like device that will allow it to soak up the sun outdoors). When darkness falls, simply twist this little gizmo and watch it pop out into a cube-like, Chinese lantern style lamp with plenty of atmosphere for your campsite. The same strap that allows you to hang it out for charging allows you to also hang the full sized version of this lamp on a tree a hammock, or even the inside of your tent. It even comes with magnets for attachment to metal objects.


image via David Report

Of course, camping isn’t the only application for this solar lamp. It could work just as well for boating or hanging out on a dock, after dark festivities on a patio or balcony, or even a romantic evening picnic.

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  • Reply August 16, 2010

    ladawn haws

    Where can you buy this thing?

    • Reply October 11, 2011

      Johno from downunder

      I,ll take a dozen thankyou.

  • Reply August 16, 2010

    Nino Marchetti

    Wish we knew. It doesn’t look like a concept, but rather an actual working device. Maybe only a prototype at this point?

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