Motion Powered LEDs Light Up Bike Tires

Bikes are by far the most eco way to get from point A to point B–but they also come fraught with danger, as anyone who’s been thrown across the hood of an oncoming vehicle can readily attest. Now, there’s a new concept design that aims to make cyclists a whole lot more visible to motorists: the Cyglo motion-powered LED tire system, which comes to us via RedFerret.

The Cyglo’s lights can be embedded in the rim of a bike tire or right into the main part of the tread; turned on using a motion sensor within the tire, these high powered, tough and durable LEDs can be set to flash or stay on continuously. Power for the bulbs is provided by the kinetic energy of the tires themselves, eliminating the need for battery-powered back lights. Permanent running lights, day and night, mean more visibility for cyclists on the road, making biking safer at any hour.


image via RedFerret

If this sounds like something you’d like to see sooner rather than later, the signs are hopeful that the Cyglo will hit the market soon, as the developers recently secured investment cash and a new chairman, and are actively looking for industry partners to commit to a production run. Once they have one or more tire-makers onboard interested in adding Cyglo capabilities to their line, you can expect to see these light-up tires at a bike shop near you.

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  • Reply August 19, 2010


    I always say “Safety First”. LEDs on bicycle wheels are a great way to make sure you are seen at night on a bike. I work with Sharp and have been doing some research on LEDs. They can be practical, they can add beauty and they can provide safety. As they are eco-friendly and cost effective, I believe they are the lighting of the future.

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