Mobile Wind Turbine Sports Solar Panels

One immediate problem temporary bases have, be it for military or civilian use, is power generation. This usually involves a dirty, gas burning generator that chokes the air with bad smells and unhealthy fumes. Natural Power Concepts of Hawaii believes it may have an alternative for this – a mobile wind turbine with integrated solar panels whose blades can be folded up in places where the winds are too strong.

The wind turbine, recently reported upon by Pacific Business News, was interesting enough to military contractor Oshkosh Defense to result in a contract between it and Natural Power Concepts. This deal, which is a collaboration on mobile wind turbine technology development, will result in a Renewable Energy Mission Module (REMM) that could be delivered to forward operating bases and other remote locations for their power needs.

Natural Power Concepts

image via Natural Power Concepts

What’s even more interesting than this, according to a company press release, is the fact that these REMM units could also be outfitted with expanded capabilities such as water purification or desalination systems for use in disaster management and humanitarian assistance missions. This would definitely increase their usefulness in a variety of remote scenarios.

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