Kinetic Water Purifier Nixes The Nasties

When you’re camping or hiking–or traveling in regions of the world where tap water can be suspect–it’s a good idea to carry a water purifier. But traditional charcoal filter can be slow, and more high-end solar purifiers can be cost prohibitive. What’s an adventurous soul to do?

The SteriPEN Sidewinder (which comes to us via Syfy’s Dvice) takes an innovative approach, using UV light. This is a strategy that’s long be in use in higher end home filtration systems, but largely inaccessible in the back country (or in remote regions of the world) as they require electricity to work. The SteriPEN lets you provide the juice to filter your own hydration system, via kinetically powered hand crank.


image via Dvice

To use, simply fill up the 1 liter bottle, close the cap and crank until the green LED indicator light tells you the water is free from harmful critters. You can rest assured that the water you’ve pulled from a spring or stream–or that arrived in your water glass at that out-of-the-way restaurant–now poses no harm to your system. The SteriPEN Sidewinder is expected to hit the market soon for around $100.

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    you can also use a camping water purifier which is convenient everywhere. Its cheap and durable as well.

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