Dryer Idea Energy Efficient Via Vacuum

A high-heat dryer setting may get your clothes dry faster, but there’s a price to be paid for convenience, namely, the damage done to garments and the extra energy required to get them dry. A futuristic new concept design by Nico Klaeber (which comes to us by way of Yanko Design) aims to do away with heat-based clothes-drying altogether with a super energy-efficient gizmo called the DryMate.

The DryMate makes use of new vacuum technology which allows it to dry clothes at lower temperatures. Another plus: no more stooping. The DryMate stands at an easy height for loading and unloading from the standing position, offering a 9 degree tilt and a wide-mouth drum for easy access. Its round design gives it a friendly, modern look.


image via Yanko Design

Curious about how this tech actually works? The designer has this to say about the DryMate: “From a technical view every enclosed space with an air pressure lower than in our environment is already a vacuum. In every vacuum there are special physical conditions as a result of the lower amount of material. DryMate uses one of those special conditions. In a drum with lower air pressure (vacuum) water already evaporates at much lower temperatures than 100°C. The lower the air pressure the lower the temperature that is necessary to evaporate water. It is much more energy-saving to create a minor under pressure than heating your wet laundry to 100°C. Therefore DryMate can achieve much better energy efficiency than conventional tumble dryers.”

Probably there are a few elements lost in translation here, but  you get the idea. If you’re interested in more of Klaeber’s work, his portfolio is online at Coroflot.

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