Chinese E-Bike Offers Cheap Pedelec Ride

Want an electric bike, but can’t afford the fancier models, figuring $1500 and up? Rather than waiting around for the recession to end–and continuing that gas-guzzling daily commute–consider the Urbanlit-e 1903, a cheaper Chinese e-bike model that sells for around $1021.60.

This new electric commuter bike (which comes to us via RedFerret) features a range of nearly 22 miles and takes 5-7 hours plugged in to completely recharge. The lower price comes courtesy of a brush type engine (rather than the more brushless types common to most e-bikes). The folding frame is sturdy aluminum; the battery is a hi-ten lithium, the Motor a 36V, 200W alloy high-tech brush, offering “full power, and more with pedal assistance,” (i.e., it’s a pedelec model).

Urbanlit-e 1603

image via RedFerret

The folded dimensions of this bike are 1120 X 310 X 850, and the weight is just 19kg (around 41 pounds), which means it should be easy to lift into  the trunk, if need be, or attach to the front of a bus. All in all, not to bad e-bike for the price-tag.

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