A Solar Powered Fan Kit To Cool Your Day

Slaving over a hot computer this summer? Too eco (or cheap) to turn on the AC? Consider a unique, off-grid option that will have your office mates talking: the Solar Powered Perspex Desk Fan.

This handy-dandy gizmo (which reaches us by way of Inhabitat) comes in a kit you assemble yourself. It sets up like a sandwich board, with a solar panel on one side and a fan on the other, with a couple of little wires strung between. “Rotapower” is supplied via the sun; laser-cut Perspex provides the stability, with no glue or screws, making for easy assembly. The solar cell can apparently pull juice from artificial light as well, so this fan will work even at night, when the only available illumination is a desk lamp.

Solar Fan

image via AllThingsGreen

The Solar Powered Perspex Desk Fan Kit includes a solar cell and motor and detailed assembly instructions, which are apparently not very complex, as it’s noted this product is “suitable for 6 years and upwards.” Size is 180 x 72 x 95mm; weight, 200g: price £31.99 ($49.81 USD).

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