Wind-Up LED Light Illuminates Biking, Camping

It’s a bike lamp, a headlamp, and a clip-on torch. Best of all, it never needs batteries, and works under any weather conditions (provided you’ve got the elbow grease to wind it up). It’s the Power Plus Bat LED Headlamp and Bicycle Kit.

Fitted with an industrial-grade elastic headband, the Bat (which comes to us by way of EnviroGadget) is the ideal candidate to replace your current headlamp. Why? Because it makes use of super-bright, long-lasting LEDs for illumination, and charges via wind-up, kinetic energy–which means that you’re virtually guaranteed never to run out of light after dark in the great outdoors again. Also, it comes with a universal clip, which allows it to attach not only to your bike, as advertised, but to just about anything: a pole, say, or clothesline, adding overhead lighting to your group camp-out (without the indignity of blinding your fellow campers every time you look at them, as with a dedicated headlamp).


image via EnviroGadget

The Bat features an adjustable angled beam with three different lighting settings: 1 LED, 3 LEDs and a 3 LED flashing mode. The 1 LED is ideal if you just need a little bit of illumination and would like to save power; 3 LEDs will provide high-powered light for detailed in-the-dark tasks; the 3 LED flashing mode is good for bikes. At full charge, the Bat will supply 40 minutes of light from both the 3 LED mode and the flashing mode, or 90 minutes of lighting from the power saving 1 LED mode. It won’t wear your arm out, either: full charge can be achieved  with just 1 minute of winding the handle at 3 revolutions per second. At £9.95 ($15.09) this thing is a steal.

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