Smart Concept iPod Packaging Doubles As Charger

For most green tech enthusiasts, the joy of a new purchase often comes tinged with guilt, at least as far as the packaging goes. Sure, some of it’s recyclable, but some of it has no obvious destination but the trash and, therefore, the landfill. A new concept packaging design from Sverre Wiik Oberg of Norway (which comes to us by way of IGreenSpot) offers an innovative solution to this problem, at least as far as the iPod goes.

A box design that fits a new iPod snugly, offering protection during shipping, it also doubles as an phone charger. No cords, no AC/DC converter; just fit your new iPod back into the same package it came in and stick it in the wall, via a plug that pulls out from the back. Once your iPod reaches full charge, just pull it back out of this little multipurpose box and be on your merry way. (We’re assuming it could even be used as a carrying case if you needed one.)


image via IGreenSpot

This zero-waste design, unfortunately, is still in the concept stage, but with the general momentum towards less wasteful packaging on the part of major electronics manufacturers, it seems safe to say that someone will make use of this smart design. If not Apple, perhaps the Scandinavian mobile carrier giant Nokia–and perhaps (may we suggest) with the addition of a thin film solar panel for off-grid charging?

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