New Solar Powered Attic Fan Cools Home

We all know that heat rises, and we all know that attics tend to get hot. The U.S. Sunlight Corporation has something else they’d like us to know: they’ve got a new solar-powered alternative to the electrically-powered attic fan that can reduce the costs of cooling our homes during the hot summer months.

Their new 9915TR Solar Powered Attic Fan features an increased wattage solar panel and a patent-pending design that works to reduce air resistance, providing a smoother air exhaust passage and increasing the overall volume of air movement. The 9915TR model measures 1750 square feet–30% bigger than U.S. Sunlight’s last model–and increases power to the motor with a 15 watt solar panel, allowing users to make better use of solar power in cooling homes and attics.


image via U.S. Sunlight Corp

“You can reduce your carbon footprint by lowering your energy usage. Installing one or more Solar Powered Attic Fans provides you with year-round ventilation that will keep your attic cooler in the summer and help prevent mold and mildew in the winter. Your air conditioner will run less and the life of your roof will be extended — both great energy savers,” said Gareth Yiu, Marketing Manager of U.S. Sunlight Corporation, in a statement.

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