Electric Scooter Doubles As Bike For The Ambitious

Here at Earthtechling, we’ve seen plenty of bikes lately that act like scooters, thanks to an integrated electronic assist system. Now, here’s a scooter that acts like a bike: the Ecoped CityGo.

This Canadian-made hybrid electric bike has a range of up to 60 kms (37 miles) per seven hour charge with a top speed of 32 km/h (around 19 m/h). But should your juice run out, mid-ride, never fear: this scooter actually has pedals, which means you can rely on your calves to close the distance between you and your destination, or perhaps the closest available charging outlet.


image via RedFerret

Of course, as RedFerret points out, this puppy isn’t light: the Ecoped CityGo’s scooter styling may be cute, but it’s packing 59 kg (120 pounds) in that stylish frame. Pedaling such a contraption uphill sounds just about as fun as pushing it, which seems an unfortunate consequence of the scooter-as-bike design (as opposed to the bike-as-scooter). It can, however, be yours for C$1200 ($1144.27 USD), no license required.

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