E+ Electric Bikes Customizes Top Bike Brands

For those of you who’ve long coveted an electric bike, but chafed at the dearth of styles and models available, some good news:  E+ Electric Bikes has just announced the expansion of their  E+ Customs Series electric bikes, which now include 19 different styles.

Whereas before, the E+ e-bike line was limited to a mountain bike, beach cruiser, commuter and folding model, it now includes additional styles and designs from household names in the bike world such as Trek, Cannondale, Ellsworth, Schwinn, and Day6. In fact, if you find a model in a bike shop that really catches your fancy, E+ wants you to know that they can actually design a custom e-bike for that model in conjunction with that manufacturer.


image via E+ Electric Bikes

The E+ electric propulsion system  includes a motor, battery, computer controller and display and produces either 750 or 1,000 watts of electrically assisted power for smoothing out those uphill climbs, one of the most powerful available. It also offers some surprising features, like cruise control (so you can sit back and take a break while riding) and fitness exercise mode (which we assume turns the bike into a stationary).

Ric Ruggiero, E + Production Manager notes that the design of this E+ system, which integrates the motor and battery into the hub of the rear and front wheels of bike, allows for easy conversion.  ‘”We remove the standard wheels and replace them with E+ front and rear wheels, then add the necessary cables running along or inside the frame, and the computer controller and display,” said Ruggiero, in a statement. “No one else can do that – it opens a whole new world of style and design possibilities.”

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