Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack Review


The Voltaic Converter solar charger backpack takes a solid swipe at off-grid charging of your portable devices while you are on the go.


4 out of 5


There are no qualms about it – we live in a world where mobile devices are a big factor in everyday life. Cell phones especially seem to sprout from people’s hands everywhere, whether it is for calling up a friend to confirm a date or looking up some information on Wikipedia through the phone’s Web browser. These devices, of course, need power to keep them going and sometimes run out at the most important moments.

Voltaic Converter

image via Voltaic

Normally you’d charge these devices (assuming they aren’t using regular or rechargeable batteries) via a wall or car power outlet. What if you don’t have access to those though? That’s where off grid power accessories, such as solar-powered chargers, come in. One of the earlier companies in this particular product space is Voltaic, a developer of bags with solar panels in them. These stylish items, including backpacks and messenger bags, harvest the sun’s energy and channel it into a power storage unit you later can connect to a compatible device in need of electricity.

While one can connect many types of low power devices to a Voltaic bag, we will consider for the purposes of this review a Blackberry mobile phone. Will the tested Voltaic bag be able to charge up this power hungry handheld in a decent amount of time?

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