Two New Chinese Portable Solar Chargers Debut

Chinese consumer electronics brand aigo apparently recently debuted a couple of new portable solar-powered chargers. These are the Portable Solar Charger I2911, with a regular price of around $123, and the Power Pack N2682 Black 12000 mAh, pricing normally around $137.

The aigo Portable Solar Charger I2911, according to its specs, is of a universal design which will allow it to charge mobile phones and similar digital products through a mini-USB connection. It has a power capacity of 4200 mAh, weighs around 2.2 pounds and sports a collapsible treble solar panel that reportedly absorbs more power. It can also store energy for later use apparently and has four LED indicators to detail the exact charging condition.

Aigo i2911

image via aigo

The Power Pack N2682 Black 12000 mAh, meanwhile, is a similar style solar charger described as being a “power cabin.” While it isn’t quite clear where the solar panel is, the picture below seems to indicate it is probably built right into the front facing design. It uses alternating current to store energy within and appears as well to be compatible with a variety of devices needing power through a USB out power port.

Aigo N2682

image via aigo

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