Phillips Offers 16 Million Shades of LED Mood Lighting

If you’re one of those who thinks that mood lighting equals a dimmer switch, prepare yourself. With 16 million colors to choose from, the Phillips LivingColors LED lamp (which comes to us via Gizmag) just made mood lighting a whole lot moodier.

What color is a lazy Sunday morning? A sad day spent wallowing in bed? A date, or a party? Phillips wants you to find out, via the LivingColors lamp’s color wheel, which allows you to mix and match lighting colors to match your mood. The LivingColors lamp features four low-voltage LEDs that when increased, dimmed, brightened or reduced apparently offer a palette of 16 million color combinations. (If that seems a little overwhelming, you can pare it down to just 256 color options with the mini version.) The lamp itself looks somewhat like a jellyfish, featuring a tough, translucent surface that is designed to sit flat; it does not emit heat, so it can be left on for hours.


image via Gizmag

Neither version of this lamp is cheap, exactly (it’s $234 for the full version, $125 for the mini) but according to Phillips, they’ll be with youfor eight to ten years if used for around an hour and a half a day. (Apparently, those 16 million little bulbs can’t be replaced.) Interested? It’s worth checking out the Phillips website on this product just for the promo video.

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