Nokia Phone Charging Kit Uses Bicycle Wheel Movement For Power

Nokia today in Nairobi, Kenya, as part of a greater unveiling of some new mobile phones, took the wraps off of an innovative Bicycle Charger Kit which it calls “an alternative charging solution built especially for people with limited access to electricity.” No specific price was mentioned for this kit, which will be available by year’s end in various markets for the purpose of charging your mobile phone via a small electrical generator known as a dynamo and the movement of your bike’s wheels.

The Nokia Bicycle Charger Kit, according to the global mobile phone manufacturer, secures your phone to the bike’s frame via a special holder. A cable coming out of the dynamo connects to a charger, which in turn connects via a 2mm compatible cable to the power port of your phone. The dynamo itself “starts and stops charging when bicycle speed is 6 km/h and 50 km/h, respectively” and reportedly “reaches efficiency of a normal charger…when speed is 12 km/h.” Total charging time for the attached mobile phone varies by device, as well as how much kinetic energy you are producing.

Nokia Bike Charging Kit

image via Nokia

Nokia says the three components of this kit – the dynamo, charger and phone holder – will be easy to attach and remove via associated cable ties, nuts and bolts and that all will be easy to install via a detailed and foldable user guide. The kit, particularly the charger, is said to be durable and resistant to humidity and dust. It should work with both normal and electric bikes.

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