Joos Orange Portable Solar Charger Debuting 3rd Quarter

Ever since Solar Components announced the Joos Orange this spring, there’s been quite a bit of hubbub about this super-charged solar charger, said to offer 2.5 hours of cell-phone talk time for every hour of charging via the sun, a rate nearly 20 times that of most solar chargers.

Now, Solar Components has announced that it has placed the manufacturing order for the Joos Orange with Singapore-based Eastern Asia Technology Limited, an OEM for consumer electronics devices, and expects its chargers to hit the market in the third quarter of 2010. The devices are expected to be a game changer for the burgeoning solar charger market.


image via Solar Components

“We recognize that we turned the personal solar charging market on its head with our first Joos Orange announcement back in March,” said Jamie Bullen, CEO and co-founder of Solar Components, in a statement. “We know there’s nothing like the Joos Orange on the market today: a portable solar charger priced at under $100 that works on sunny days and cloudy days, in partial sunlight, in the rain, under water and even after being shot five times by a .22 caliber rifle.”

Bullen went on to note that several key journalists (including Bryan Gardiner at Wired) have received the much-hyped devices for review and found that they perform as claimed. Pre-production models were offered for the first time in a quasi-public showing on Wednesday, June 23, at the PEPCOM’s Digital Experience, an invitation-only media reception in New York City.

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