Electric Vehicle Maker Revolve Introduces Line of E-Bikes

Attention, green transportation enthusiasts: via their latest release, the electric vehicle makers at Revolve would like to educate you concerning the differences between different types of electric bikes. They would also like you to know that they’re introducing not one, not two, but five new models to their line of electric vehicles (which include everything from security vehicles to pedicabs).

Electric bikes provide in two ways: first, by “power on demand,” activated by a throttle on the handlebar and requires no pedaling. Second, by  “ped-elec,” which takes energy from pedaling alone. Either source of power provides an immediate, nearly silent push; when riders release the throttle (or stop pedaling), the motor coasts or “freewheels,” just like a regular bike–e-bikes also make use of the same standard hand brakes and gearing for controls.


image via Revolve

Revolve’s new e-bikes feature an adjustable “power output to pedal pressure” ratio, 350-watt motors adequate for their needs, and through-the-gearing power assist, meaning that the force of the motor goes through the bike’s gearing system, for better hill-climbing and top-end speeds than than those offered by direct drive systems with motors of the same wattage rating. Revolve e-bikes offer an electrically-assisted range of 25 miles, recharge in a few hours, and are available for $900 to $1,400.

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