Sylvania’s LED Lightbulb Fights to Dethrone 60 Watt Bulbs

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s fight night here at the EarthTechling LED arena. In one corner, we have the Definity LED A19. In the other corner, the Sylvania Ultra LED A-line 12W. The contention that sparked this bright bulb brouhaha: both claim to be the preeminent alternative to standard 60W incandescent bulbs.You’ve heard from the Definity, so let’s go to the Tale of the Tape for a rundown of what Sylvania’s A-line bulb brings to the bout.

Scheduled to go on sale this August, “the new dimmable Sylvania Ultra LED A-Line 12W bulb provides an unmatched 810 lumens and offers up to 80 percent energy savings over traditional incandescent bulbs,” according to Sylvania. How often will you have to change the A-line 12W should you decide to invest? Not often: at 25,000 hours, the A-line will last 12 times longer than your run-of-the-mill incandescent, compact fluorescent (CFL), and halogen bulbs.


Image via Sylvania

Also of note is the A-line 12W’s color quality, which Sylvania professes to be of greater quality than incandescents and halogens, making it ideal for sconces, lamps, and ceiling fixtures. The EarthTechling team can hardly wait to test both… stay tuned.

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