Robby Garden XP Electric Robotic Lawnmower Mulches Grass

It looks more like a Big Wheel than it does a lawnmower. But the Robby Garden XP (which comes to us via Red Ferret) is one clever little toy. Not only is it an electric lawnmower that mulches grass as it cuts–nixing the need for raking and bagging while enriching the soil–it does so automatically, via robotic sensors.

Ready to mow? Just turn on the Robby and let it go. A grass sensor detects edges and obstructions, mulching grass into fertilizer as it mows. If the machine makes a wrong turn (and starts to cut your neighbor’s grass, for instance) just approach the Robby and touch it: the blades will automatically switch off. Use the conveniently-located handles to set this lightweight, 17 pound lawnmower in the right direction, hit the button once again, and send it on its merry way.


image via Red Ferret

The Robby Garden XP runs for 4 hours on a charge, features a high-capacity lithium battery and plugs directly into the socket of your choice. A major benefit of its electric profile: minimal noise (just 72dB, to be exact). Just think of it as a smart appliance for your yard. And wait til the neighbors see you sitting out on the porch sipping iced-tea as your robotic lawnmower cuts the grass! That $1928.41 (€1,559.00) cost of purchase may be a bit steep for some, however.

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