Oasis Solar Rechargeable Lantern Adds Green Camping Option

We’ve covered an interesting number of alternative energy source-powered lanterns before and now we’ve got another one for you to consider: the Oasis Solar Rechargeable Stainless Steel LED Lantern, pricing around $100.

This new Oasis solar-powered lantern sports solar panels that can be folded open and look to be integrated into the top of the lamp. Full charging of the lantern – of which a specific time frame wasn’t mentioned – allows it to run for a full day on low brightness or up to 12 hours on high. AC adapter and battery options look to be included as well in case there’s no solar available to charge it with.

Oasis Solar Lantern

image via Amazon

Other features of this lantern, which was noticed by GadgetGrid, include a long lasting LED light source, emergency flashing mode, stainless steel construction and an included remote control for what we can only assume would be so you don’t have to get out of your tent to turn it off.

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