New Solar Backpack Charges Portable Gadgets

As long as you’re going to carry your laptop and portable electronic devices in a bag, why not put that bag to work and have it charge your devices? That’s the concept behind solar charger bags and cases, the latest of which is the new Solar Bag model from Infinit.

Armed with a 2.4W solar panel on its front that stores renewable energy in a hidden battery, the Solar Bag is as versatile as it is voluminous. According to Ecofriend, Infinit promises that “the bag will be able to charge with natural light and comes with nine different adaptors for all your gadgetry needs, including connectors for mobile phones and mini-USB connectors for GPS devices” — devices that include laptop computers up to 15 inches wide thanks to the bag’s 25-liter capacity.

solar bag

Image via Infinit

The Solar Bag is able to charge iPhones and iPods, but connectors for those devices must be purchased separately, which sells direct from Infinit for £89.99.

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