New M55 Bike EVO-001 Dreams Of Being Ferrari Of Electric Bikes

In the automobile world, there are cars, and then there are works of art: Ferrari, Porsche, BMWs, to name a few. M55 Bike, a manufacturer based in Hungary, isn’t just setting out to create an electric bike in the M55 Bike EVO-001: it’s aiming to create the Ferrari of e-bikes.

The black-and-silver beauty consists of a one-piece aluminum frame, an integrated battery pack, and a centrally mounted motor placed low down on the bike for better stability. M55 will offer two versions of the EVO-001: one with a 250W motor, and another with an offroad-oriented 1300W motor. According to Diseno-art, “neither bike features a manual accelerator, the motor speed is controlled by the pedals. Pedal harder and the motor works harder too. Ease off and so does the motor.”


Image via Diseno-art

The battery pack, developed by A123 Systems, will be identical for both bikes. Speed freaks should opt for the sportier version, which hits a max speed of 43 mph. No matter which you want, you’ll have to act fast once M55 says they’re ready: only 250 of the handmade vehicles will be produced.

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    Augusto Cebola

    I would like to know about the autonomy,price et… of this E-Bike.

    Warmest greetings.

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