New LED Lightbulb Shatters Records Not Piggy Banks

Earlier this month, we brightened your day by dropping details on Lighting Science Group’s (LSG) Definity LED bulbs, which promise a long life span at an affordable price. LSG is finally ready to show off the first Definity LED bulb in it’s hotly anticipated series.

Officially unveiled at this year’s LightFair 2010, the Definity LED line 9 watt A19 is targeted at replacing the commonly used 60-watt incandescent bulb found throughout American households. It sells for about $30 and LSG reports that “this LED bulb surpasses the U.S. Department of Energy’s benchmark testing of a 60 watt equivalency, is 80% more efficient than a 60 watt incandescent bulb, and will last close to 23 years.”

definity bulb

Image via Lighting Science Group

Zach Gibler, the company’s CEO, says they are able to sell the bulb for $30 (lower than the current average price) because their process enables them to eke out more lumens from their LED chips than other manufacturers. The 9 watt, dimmable Definity bulb will be tested at a U.S. Department of Energy-approved independent laboratory and, should all go well, will be available through lighting distributors and directly from LSG later this year.

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