Morning Glory LED Flower Lighting Blooms When Night Falls

The concept of flower-shaped outdoor lighting that “blooms” when it gets dark must just be floating around in the air this spring. First, there was the Blossoming Garden Solar Light–now, there’s the Morning Glory, by Wendy Legro, which comes to us via Fast Company.

The Morning Glory was designed to be hung near a window, where its delicate structure changes in accordance with local lighting conditions. During the day, it closes up, allowing sunlight to stream past–but as soon as the sky grows dark, the energy-efficient LEDs bloom in a snowflake pattern. A graduating student at The Netherland’s Design Academy of Eindhoven, Legro designed the project for her graduate thesis.

Morning_Glory_LED light

image via Fast Company

The Morning Glory, apparently, is an effort to give us the good old-fashioned pleasure of watching something–albeit mechanical–growing, as over the course of twilight, this lovely bit of low-carbon lighting goes through a series of geometrical permutations, marking the transition from dusk to night time. Which seems like a great idea–but why, we wonder, the ‘Morning Glory?’ (Maybe ‘Evening Glory’ just didn’t have the same ring?)

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