Lemnis LED Lightbulb First to Market

With all the new LED bulbs from various makers due out later this year, Lemnis Lighting knew that their Pharox60 bulb just wouldn’t do for another year of competition with entities such as Sylvania and Philips. As an update of sorts to their Pharox line-up, Lemnis has developed the Pharox 500, an LED lightbulb available for sale in the next several weeks and not later this summer or Fall like competitors.

Able to produce 500 lumens of light, “the light will consume 7 watts and can be used to replace a 60-watt bulb,” according to CNET. “Lemnis plans to have the bulb, which can last for 25 years, available on its Web site in the coming weeks for under $40.” The Pharox 500 is one of many LEDs introduced as of late that seems to render 60W incandescents obsolete. Thinking long-term, Lemnis is working to create a line of LEDs to replace various older bulbs, such as the Pharox Candle for chandelier fixtures, and spot light replacements for halogen bulbs.

pharox 500

Image via Lemnis

If a price tag of around $40 seems a bit much for even the swankiest bulb, Lemnis president Warner Philips predicts that LED prices will gradually decrease this year due to consumer demand and technological improvements.

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