Shake Your Bun-Bun to Charge the Kinetic BunBun Flashlight

Human beings are in constant motion: exercising, pacing to and fro while we devour cell phone minutes, and (impractical though it may be) even changing the shape of our clothes as we go about our days. The next logical step: using kinetic energy to create light, a concept made tangible in the form of the BunBun, a wind-up flashlight by Japanese manufacturer Landport.

The next time you plan to be out after dark, don’t forget to pack your BunBun. “Once you extend the handle and bend it at the hinge,” explains Gizmag, “you can charge the built-in rechargeable battery by cranking the BunBun for 30 seconds. Just this short amount of charging will give you about 5 minutes of juice.”

bunbun ecolight

Image via Gizmag

As Nintendo Wii owners know all too well, swinging things around often results in inadvertently hurling those objects like javelins. To prevent such an occurrence, The BunBun comes with an attachable strap, perfect for attaching the device to a backpack when not in use, and, of course, for making sure you don’t shatter any windows.

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