Rubik Style Magic Cube Recharges Your Brain and Your Gadgets

Don’t be daunted by the prospect of prevailing over a Rubik’s cube. Indeed, most of us would sit for hours, twisting and turning the multi-colored block to no avail; others may solve the challenge in a few minutes or less. Whatever your cerebral skill level, any time spent tinkering with designer Zheng Weixi’s Magic Cube is time spent charging your brain, along with any connected portable device.

Most portable rechargers require the user to connect a device and find something to occupy their time while it charges. With the Magic Cube, recharging is more a game than in inconvenient waiting period. “The Cube Magic here is a battery charger that works on the [electromagnetic] induction principle,” explains Yanko Design. “Play with the cube, harness some energy and [convert] it to juice for recharging gadgets. Awesome!”

magic cube

Image via Yanko Design

Chargers that require the user to expend a bit of energy are becoming increasingly popular. Of course, the difference between those kinetic energy-induced chargers and the Magic Cube is, you’ll need to don your thinking cap to conquer the cube.

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