Company Wants To Install Solar Panels For Free On White House

Did you know the White House once had solar panels on it? Former President Jimmy Carter had them put on the building in 1979. They were removed in 1986 by the order of former President Ronald Reagan. Since President Obama took office, there’s been some low level chatter about whether solar panels might return. If Sungevity, a residential solar company, has its way, it will be the one installing the panels at no cost to tax payers.

Sungevity has “sent a request to the Obama administration and the Department of the Interior to accept their offer of a free solar power system.” To encourage the public officials to agree to its request, the company has setup an online petition to get people to sign up to support its Globama petition. It plans to somehow share this petition with the President once 10,000 signatures have been collected.


image via Sungevity

This is definitely, at first glance, a publicity move on Sungevity’s part as much as it is a good will gesture. Consider though for a moment the fact the Obamas have already embraced having a vegetable garden on the White House grounds. Would it be that much more unusual to go further green and put panels back up, especially if it doesn’t cost tax payers anything?

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