Attractive Solar PV Panels Designed For Sake Of Architecture

Who says solar panels need be boring, flat square panels? Certainly not Solarmer Energy and Joel Berman Glass Studios, who have announced the collaborative development of attractive, modular glass panels.

As two parts of the whole effort, each company is sticking to what they do best: Solarmer develops flexible solar panels meant for atypical usage; Joel Berman designs decorative glass for the sake of architecture. Their combined efforts total to decorative and photovoltaic glass panels, which “feature Joel Berman Glass Studios’ signature textured kiln-cast glass laminated to Solarmer Energy’s transparent plastic solar cells,” according to a press release. “The resulting composite panels are suitable for use in applications where decorative glass is desired and generation of solar energy is feasible.” In other words, no longer can your designer’s eye stand in the way of applying green technology in your work or living space.

integrated PV from solarmer

Image via Solarmer Energy

Consumers will gain other benefits besides aesthetically pleasing, energy-producing panels: the use of Solarmer’s technology, which is thinner and more flexible than those of peer manufacturers, will result in a lower cost in comparison to traditional silicon-based solar tech.

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