Apollo 1 System Reports on Efficiency of Home Solar-Powered Systems

If any of your solar-powered devices haven’t been pulling their weight, you’d best tell them to shape up–SunReports, Inc., has announced Apollo 1, a new monitoring device designed to track the performance of photovoltaic and solar hot water apparatuses.

A small San Francisco-based company currently staffed by four full-time employees, SunReports has kept word of Apollo 1, which weighs in at roughly the size of a modem, hush-hush until recently. According to Cleantech, “Apollo1 is an on-site energy monitoring device that can simultaneously measure PV and solar hot water, or solar pool heating system performance.” Targeted at the residential market, Apollo 1 will provide detailed data for installers and users of solar energy-powered devices via a web portal. The goal of the device is not to create tangible savings on bills, but rather to ensure solar devices are working as intended.

sunreports system

Image via SunReports, Inc.

January’s passing of the California Solar Initiative, which set aside $350 million in new financial incentives for solar hot water installations in the state, served as the impetus for SunReports’ announcement of the Apollo 1. “There’s a hunger for data out there with the system owner,” said SunReports CEO Thomas Dinkel. “It gives the homeowner and the installer eyes on the system. They can see the system’s performance.”

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