Anyone Need A Solar Charger/Backpack That Repels Mosquitoes?

It’s true, folks, you read it here: there is now a super-powered solar backpack that not only charges all your portable electronics, it repels mosquitoes, too. Why? We’re not exactly sure. Perhaps in the heated race to gain your off-grid charging business, manufacturers are getting creative.

Red Ferret reports that the Multi Purpose Solar Charger Backpack offers plenty in the way of real charging capacity–10,000 mAh battery pack, to be precise. That’s more than enough to juice up most laptops, phones, MP3’s, etc., and it comes with no less than 16 different connector tips to ensure that whatever brand or model of electronic gadget you’ve got, you will be able to connect it to this backpack. It also features LED indicators for Battery Status, Charging Status and Output Status.


image via Red Ferret

So why, with all of these very attractive off-grid charging features, did this product’s makers decide to add a built-in an ultrasonic mosquito repellent? Maybe they figured as long as they had a backpack that was generating an electricity, they’d use it to produce something new and exciting–a bug-free outdoor workstation.

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