Vibrabright LED Bulbs Claim Energy Comparables To CFLs

Move over, Compact Fluorescent Lights! You’ve met your brighter, more eco-friendly match: the LED light bulb.

About the same size and shape as a conventional incandescent, these new Vibrabright LED bulbs from Matrix lighting use 80-90% less energy than an incandescent bulb, but without the nasty mercury issues associated with CFLs. According to a statement, these bulbs were designed with standard light bulb cases in order to fit most existing indoor sockets, and will last over 10 years at an average use of 5 hours per day. The company also claims that this bulbs will be affordable, though there’s no word yet on how they’ll compare with their incandescent and CFL competitors.

Vibrabright LED lightbulb

image via Matrix Lighting

Matrix Lighting is a company focused on bringing LED lighting to the masses worldwide, with a development team of 150 staff members on research and development of LED drivers, heat management, optics, mechanical and lamp design, as well as LED lamp manufacturing plants in China and Vietnam. The company will be showcasing the new Vibrabright bulbs at lighting shows in California, Frankfurt and Hong Kong this year.

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