Sunblazer Solar Charger Targets Smartphone Owners

Despite the growing frequency of solar powered cell phone chargers, smartphones require larger boosts than conventional cell phones due to the large amount of battery-draining applications users are prone to running — and that’s in addition to chatting, texting, emailing, and web browsing. Genesis Electronics has developed one solution aimed at keeping smartphone users gaming, gabbing, and grabbing files even longer: the Sunblazer, a solar recharger that attaches to the back of a smartphone.

According to a press release issued by Genesis Electronics, the Sunblazer utilizes “a 2×4 inch solar panel that is continually drawing energy from the sun or any sufficient light source.” Users can even free up space in their pockets and backpacks by choosing to leave their charge cords at home — at full power, the Sunblazer has enough stored solar energy to fully power a depleted smartphone with 30 percent left over for later.


image via Genesis

Said to be eco-friendly, the Sunblazer’s internal circuitry is able to optimize the charger’s energy conversion process, resulting in a fast. Genesis notes that the Sunblazer has entered the final stages of development.

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    Genesis made some huge promises in near future to provide solar charging solutions for a huge selection of gadgets , covering anything from notebooks to a number of portable products for consumers.

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