SolarFold and SolarFan Portable Solar Chargers Give You To Go Juice

If you fancy fanning your face while simultaneously charging your favorite portable gadgets, you’ll probably be interested in a new pair of solar charging devices released by AmbienTech: the SolarFold and SolarFan, devices that offer quick and efficient charge times.

Noticed by Engadget, the SolarFold and SolarFan are flexible, durable, and airy in terms of weight, making them perfect for tucking into one’s pocket. “They’re reasonably efficient, too,” claims Engadget, “delivering 2W over USB and, in 10 minutes, are able to charge an iPhone enough to make a 3 minute call.” When the need for charging arises, each device proffers four panels composed of 1,900 globes each for a total of 2W sent via USB connectivity. As one might expect, the SolarFan resembles a handheld fan while in use, while the SolarFold morphs into a tightly packed bundle.


Image via Engadget

Where can the devices be acquired? Only from Japan at the moment, though separation by ocean isn’t much of an impediment in this day and age: AmbienTech will gladly part with the SolarFold or SolarFan if buyers are willing to pony up approximately $250 per device.

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