SolAir Solar/Wind Energy Combo Device Targeted At Homes

Keeping up with green and renewable energy technology is one thing, but too many solar panels, wind turbines, and thingamajigs can quickly cause one’s house to look like a docked alien spaceship. In an effort to consolidate technologies, DyoCore Smart Solutions has announced SolAir, a dual wind/solar energy generator to be made available later this month.

Equipped with the latest in thin film transistor panels, the SolAir provides a continuous flow of energy even on low-sunlight days. Lauded as a model of efficiency, the SolAir comes with the potential to convert 70 percent of wind power to electricity, and can begin operating at wind speeds as low as 2 mph to 25 mph. Excess energy is recycled back into the user’s local grid via the device’s DC/AC inverter, making fear of wasted energy a nonissue.


Image via DyoCore

The integrated solar fin maximizes electrical output and directional flow from DyCore’s recommended install height of 20 feet, but the design is quite versatile: “it can be mounted on any flat horizontal, vertical or pitched surface and can be either bolted or ballasted down,” according to the product’s website. Should a user’s SolAir — which is available in 300W and 800W versions — need to be put to pasture, DyoCore chief engineer David Raine points out that the entire structure is made from recyclable materials, allowing the device to be disposed of without fear of environmental harm.


  • Reply February 14, 2011

    YJ Draiman

    Renewable Energy Manufactures/suppliers should use their own product to manufacture.

    The manufacturers’ of Solar Panels and other forms of renewable energy with related support products manufactures/suppliers – should have at least the decency to practice what they preach what they market to the public.
    That would be the best marketing approach I can think off.
    If they believe in the product they manufacture/sell, they should utilize it to its fullest potential.
    It will give the manufacturer the actual experience of utilizing the product on a daily basis, view and experience any shortcoming or improvements that are needed, implement the improvements and capitalize on that revision to improve the product and its performance.
    This will instill confidence in the public to purchase the product.

    YJay Draiman, Energy Analyst

    What kind of car are the executives of the automobile industry are driving.
    As with any new technology, PV will become more efficient, cheaper and cleaner to produce. In order for this to happen we (Governments / NGOs / Individuals) need to invest more time and money into making PV viable, e.g. through increased incentives, regulations, technical standards, R&D, manufacturing processes and generating consumer demand.
    Just like the automobile industry, the manufacture used its own product.
    Over the years the automobile industry and technology has evolved from the early 1900 to what it is today the year 2011.
    I predict that in 10 years the automobile we know today will change drastically for the better, with new fuel technology and other modification that will improve its scales of economy and features.

  • Reply June 13, 2012

    Bob Prophet

    Have been to Morro Bay and taken a look at DYOCORE/SOLAR1 800 .need some contact with company not GOOGLE SEARCH. Bob Prophet, OLIVEHILL 1019 Pump Handle Lane, Paso Robles, Ca 93446 805-237-1699

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