Recharge Electric Riding Mower Gets Some New Bells, Whistles

Eco-friendly push mowers have been popping up like weeds lately, but what about consumers whose yards are too sprawling for a day’s worth of marching back and forth while pushing a machine? At the recent National Home Show, Driven By Solar invited attendees to learn about the upgrades made to its Recharge Mower, a riding mower that seems to be eco-friendly.

Requiring no oil, no gas, and outputting zero emissions, the Recharge Mower purportedly impressed consumers at the show. “We found an overwhelming number of people were seeking an environmentally responsible solution to their landscaping needs,” said Jim Brody, vice president of sales, in a recent press release. “They were thrilled to learn that the unit requires virtually no maintenance, just how easy it is to operate, that it is extremely quiet and includes an array of safety features.”

recharge mower

Image via Recharge Mower

Launched in 2009, the Recharge Mower has recently undergone upgrades to render it even more efficient. A brushless drive motor has been installed, decreasing power requirements and improving the unit’s torque. The 5Ah Smart Charger is now cooled by a fan and features a longer cord to make recharging even easier. Additionally, the Grass Deflector allows the Recharge Mower to discharge grass clippings back onto the lawn. Those interested in bagging the clippings can use the attachable Grass Catcher as well.

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  • Reply April 24, 2013

    Ronald D'Anna

    I bought the 2012 G2 Riding Mower by Driven by Solar in Aug 2012. In March 2013 the Brake Linkage system failed and was in need of repair. Today is Apr 24th. Not only have I not received any parts,the American Warranty Service and I have had no response from our inquiries as to where the parts are or even if they have been shipped. We both have left e-mail.faxes,and voice messages. No response. I was informed by the warranty service that if I did nor receive any parts,I would be stuck with a $2600 lawnmower still in warranty that does not work and I would have to eat the loss. Too bad,so sad. Today I left a message with the vice president JIM BRODY. I asked him to please call me and correct this problem.I am within to hear from him. However,I don’t feel he will respond His Phone # is 1-647-927-1844. If anyone has any influence to get Driven by Solar ro honor their warranty. Please feel free to contact him or me (

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