New Fiskars Push Mower Has A Green Tech Edge

Those of you in the market for eco-friendly lawn mowers are in luck: the selection of push- and ride-based mowers seems to be growing by the day, with each new entry utilizing green technology to ensure your efforts to keep your lawn clean and healthy extend to the Earth at large. Given all the shiny newness of green tech used in lawn care devices, it might seem logical to balk at the idea of Fiskars’ Momentum Reel Mower, a mower powered by good ol’ fashioned muscle power.

Don’t go clicking your computer’s taskbar to double-check today’s date: it is indeed 2010, not 1827, the year in which the reel mower was invented. While the Momentum Reel Mower depends on its human operator to function, there is a bit of hi-tech magic chugging right along with you: “a large diameter, heavy-bladed cutting reel … acts as a flywheel,” Red Ferret explains, “storing rotational momentum (aka power) and providing extra cutting force to chop through long grass or small twigs.”

momentum reel mower

Image via Fiskars

Several other features have been engineered by Fiskars to keep the Momentum Reel Mower accessible and functioning in tiptop shape. The cut height is adjustable, the cutting system has been decreased to minimize friction, and extra cutting power has been applied to reduce the push force by 30 percent in areas with high grass.

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