Muzatch Rolls Out Compact iPhone Portable Solar Charger

One popular consumer product which has seen its share of solar charger accessories is the Apple iPhone. You can now add one more to that accessory list – the new Muzatch MZH-1200 iPhone “power station.” It prices around $50 and is said to be the “world’s most powerful and smallest (9.8 oz) solar power station specifically for the Apple iPhone series.”

The Muzatch MZH-1200 allows for over 2,000 uses, according to Muzatch, lasting over four years with continued daily use when sun is available. It has a capacity of 1000 mAh and is reportedly designed to keep a charge longer than competitive models. Four integrated LED lights show the charging mode and a test button shows low or full charge capacity. It also includes smart power management technology and comes in five different body colors.

Muzatch MZH-1200

image via Muzatch

The only thing unclear from details provided by Muzatch is how long it takes to deliver a full charge to an iPhone. This is of course important if you are in a hurry to make a call. Other than that, it does look like this solar charger has a built in lithium-ion battery, so you should be able to charge it and use it later, but don’t quote us on that.

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  • Reply July 25, 2010


    The cost of most forms of energy has increased a lot recently and will likely only go up in the future. And not only the monetary cost but the cost to our environment needs to be considered. This solar charger looks good. Unfortunately, solar power is *really* expensive today – figure $4 per watt of solar panel output and you’ll be close (that’s in US dollars). A “100 W” solar panel costs $400, is almost big enough to hide your ‘fridge behind, and rarely puts out more than 40 W during the day, given that we don’t all live on the equator, the sun isn’t always overhead, and there are usually clouds in the sky and dust on the panel.This is based on actual measurements of a BP (yes, that same BP!) “100 W” solar panel we have at work, out in the open in bright SoCal summer sunshine.Another way to look at the same thing is this: solar power is simply not going to be able to replace fossil fuels in many applications. If you need more than a trickle of power, in less than a very large space, solar is out.
    Since the fossil fuels are not going to last forever, we’re going to have to learn to scale back our energy use – bigtime. Or we can continue to hope we’ll get our hands on some magic pixie dust that combines the enormous energy density of fossil fuels with low cost and zero emissions.Let’s hope future will bring in more efficient green power sources.

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